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Latest UK Hardcore Release: Vibemaster B - Rock Your Body

Track: Rock Your Body
Artist: Vibemaster B
Genre: UK Hardcore
Writer & Producer: Barry Walker
Description: Bouncy UK Hardcore track for the happy ravers with hands in the air riff.
© Vibemaster B Licensed to
Cat No: [BDW4MP3020]

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Prism - Be With You

Description: Be With You is a Bouncy hardcore track with a drum 'n' bass style intro and distorted effects which breaks down into vocals and lush pads, followed by bouncy stabs and hoovers.

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Prism - Retroshock 2009

Description: Retroshock is a UK hardcore track with old skool stabs, sizzling trance synths and a bouncy bassline.

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Terminal Velocity - Beat Bang

Description: Bouncy style UK Hardcore dance track.

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Terminal Velocity - Reactivate

Description: Bouncy UK Hardcore track with uplifting riff breakdowns that will soon get you dancing.

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What's UK Hardcore?

UK Hardcore is a form of Hardcore Dance music which started around the year 2000. Emerging at a time when Hardcore was "having a sleep", UK Hardcore merged trance style riffs with 170BPM Happy Hardcore style rhythms. UK Hardcore also has close ties to Bouncy Techno which was more prominant in the Scottish Rave scene during the 90's.

This form of Hardcore is played by the likes of Scott Brown, Hixxy, Sy, Darren Styles, Gammer, CLSM, Mark Breeze, DJ Dougal, Re-con, Brisk.

Lately, UK Hardcore has been commercialised by the likes of AATW records with more pop sounding hardcore remixes of tracks by Ultrabeat, Cascada, N-Force and E-Type.