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After thinking long and hard over this i have decided to change from being a free netlabel to being a directory of music that i have been involved in and will link to those tracks.

Don?t worry, all of my music from here can still be downloaded for free as i?ve already moved them over to my new label I will need to talk things over with guest artists regarding their tunes, more on this later.

The changes to this website will take place very soon.

Oh and the music is still under Creative Commons licenses. No change there.

If you have used my music in anything then do not worry about changing the link backs, you don?t need to but it would be preferable. I won?t force you to.

OOPS, Our Links Are Not Working

Unfortunately the links to our music are not working for some odd reason as the link program we used to link to them so i could tell how many downloads have happened has corrupted. Not good.

Sorry for this inconvenience, I will sort the links out as soon as possible.

Move Music To Bandcamp?

As i’ve mentioned before in another blog post over the past few years i’ve noticed dodgy websites listing our tracks and placing misleading ads right next to their links.

This has happened as a result of them using software to scrape links and various info from I wouldn’t mind this if the following happened:

1. They removed the ads.
2. They adhered to the rules of attribution.
3. did more to block scrapers.

So, i’m thinking of uploading all tracks to and deleting them from The tracks will still be available for free, so don’t worry about that side of things.

What do you think? Do you agree? Know an alternative?

Version 4.0 Of Creative Commons Released

Version 4.0 Of Creative Commons Released:

The new Creative Commons 4.0 license suite has been released.

New features include that they work worldwide so you don?t need to choose your country for it to be legal in your territory.

All our tracks will be using 4.0 ASAP.


About Our Free EDM MP3's

Here at we are commited to bringing you some of the best electronic dance music downloads that artists are willing to give away in MP3 format. You can use all our MP3's for listening, mixing, sharing. And with some of our dance music tracks, you may be allowed to remix. Please check each individual license to check if you are allowed to make "Derivative Works".

All of our EDM tunes are legal and licensed for us to release and licensed with Creative Commons and we earn nothing from it either. All of earnings (which aint much btw) from advertising are used to maintain the website and for promotion.

Our tracks are also what is known as Podsafe. This means that you can use them in your podcast without having to pay us or our artists any royalties as long as you are not using them for commercial reasons. The same stands for online and offline radio stations, you can use them as long as your station isnt commercial.

The MP3 downloads have been encoded to 320Kbps